The Tretyakov Gallery and the Kremlin Museums will fall under the “business”?

Having integrated the tourist maps of Russia CityPass, famous Russian museums can be involved in the investigation.

On Monday, the State Tretyakov Gallery hosted a presentation of tourist maps of the international format Russia CityPass. However, as it turned out at a press conference, the owners of the company for the sale of CityPass may be involved in a criminal case about the theft of these cards from another company.

Among the victims are called the Tretyakov Gallery itself, and such brands of the cultural life of the Russian capital as the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin, the Darwin Museum and others.

Director of the company Russia CityPass Alexander Mityaev told reporters that the cards will allow both foreign and Russian tourists to visit the key cultural facilities of the capital at discounts, without queues and without problems.

But, as it turned out, the sellers of Russia CityPass, there are certain problems. The bodies of inquiry are now interrogating the witnesses at the request of the previous employer Alexander Mityaev, the company “Vau T”, several years ago invented and started selling plastic cards in Moscow under the Moscow Pass brand.

And it seems that none of the speakers of the press conference (and attended by the Director General of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelphira Tregulova, Head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism of Moscow Vladimir Chernikov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Alexei Konyushkov and President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Sergei Shpilko), was not aware of the statement that came to the police on the theft of Moscow Pass cards.

As it turned out, earlier the director of Russia CityPass Alexander Mityaev was in charge of the Moscow Pass project, and disposed of the company’s property, although he did not have the deciding right to sign. It always remained for the general director of “Wow T”. The founders of the “Wow T” were three partners, among them, the famous economist and public figure Andrei Khazin.

In January this year, Alexander Mityaev resigned from the “Wow T” with the motivation “for family reasons.” After him left the whole team. The company’s work on selling the Moscow Pass was paralyzed. However, it soon became clear that someone still sells tourist cards, but bypassing the right holder. The inventory showed that the lot of 1000 cards for the sum of 3,000 0000 disappeared from the Moscow Pass warehouse.

As IA “Moscow Monitor” executive director of “Vau T” Sergey Kurakov said, they soon found out that unknown people trade via the Internet with tourist cards similar to the stolen goods. Later, an unknown seller changed the design of the cards, now they are called Russia CityPass.

In addition, partners MoscowPass, known to the capital’s museums and galleries, began to receive forged letters. “At present, the copy of the agreement on the replacement of the party in the service agreement dated April 16, 2016, is available to Wau T LLC, according to which Wau T is inferior to all rights and obligations under all contracts with the Vector museums, and as well as an agreement on the transfer of funds, “- said in a statement to the Department of Internal Affairs in the area of ​​Yakimanka from LLC” Vau T “. However, the company’s management claims that it did not write these letters, did not refuse to cooperate with museums, did not concede to its unknown rights to Vector LLC its rights and deposits. Someone forged the signature and deceived the idea of ​​issuing tourist maps.

Thus, the leaders of cultural objects turned out to be unwitting participants in this scam. Having received letters with a fake signature, the management of the museums probably believed that it was continuing to work with the same company as before, which simply changed its name. Moreover, the same people who worked in the “Wow T” continued to contact museums and galleries. Thus, it seems that the old Moscow Pass team, headed by Alexander Mityaev, left, taking with him and all the partners of the company “Wow T”. Who took away the material values ​​of several million rubles, will investigate the investigation. A Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Kremlin, the Darwin Museum and others will be dragged into the proceedings, which are now conducted by the bodies of inquiry.

However, Alexander Mityaev himself is sure that this scandal is only in the hands of his new company. He called the statement of his former employers “information war.”

“I’m just happy about it, so we’re growing,” Mityaev said at a news conference. And he gave the floor to the former senator, economist Andrei Khazin, who was not declared among the participants, and observed what was happening from the audience.

Hazin’s words became a surprise to the audience. The former senator, known for his struggle for the post of Rector of the RSUH and the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, admitted that he has a direct relationship to this scandal. However, not as an injured party.

“I am the chairman of the board of directors of the company you asked about. And which used to develop such a project, “Khazin said. – That project, unfortunately, died, was not successful. Unlike this project, which is being presented here today. ” Khazin said that people who wrote a statement of embezzlement in “Wow T”, “impostors” and Hazin himself, “as the chairman of the company’s board of directors, do not know these people.”

However, the executive director of “Wau T” told the “Moscow Monitor” that the company is working in the regular mode and even receives calls from the affected customers and partners, providing them with support. Moreover, “Vau T” does not have a chairman of the board of directors, and Andrei Khazin is only one of the shareholders, who controls 47.5% of the shares. For what reason the former senator is trying to hush up the scandal surrounding the damage to his own company, it is not yet known. As well as why he defends a new company, which took the place of Moscow Pass, to which formally has nothing to do.

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