“The Naked King” Andrey Khazin

“The Naked King” Andrey Khazin

Scandalously known ex-senator Andrei Khazin can again claim the post of rector of the RSUH. Two years ago Khazin, with a bang and accusations of bribery, lost the election of the rector of one of the most famous universities in Russia. However, the winner Yevgeny Ivakhnenko held out for a little more than a year and was mysteriously dismissed. There is an opinion that Ivakhnenko was moved from the post of rector in the interests of the “great combinator” of Khazin, who did not give up hope of obtaining such a profitable position.


Master class from Khazin

Andrei Khazin is undoubtedly a brilliant figure in Russia’s socio-political life, a rare legacy of the nineties that waltzes between “concepts”, law, scandals and accusations of raiding easily and naturally.

People say: I would have known where to fall – I made the straws. Andrei Khazin can give a master class how to avoid the consequences of any falls that were many in the life of the former senator. Apparently, realizing that due to his peculiar activity, Khazin can “fall” at any moment, he sticks straw all his business way.

Judge for yourself, Andrei Khazin literally collects titles, regalia and awards, like stars on the fuselage. So Hazin – he is and the academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, and the professor of the Moscow State University, and the laureate of the UNESCO Prize, and the chairman of the non-existent public council of the “Association of Lawyers of Russia” (despite the fact that he is not a lawyer by training), and the chairman of the organizing committee of the Moscow International Festival of Arts . S.Mihoelsa and so on.

Of course, there is a political card in the Khazin’s deck and membership in the Supreme Council of United Russia. Apparently, just in case.


The Kremlin did not give a good

And the cases of Hazin are different. So, in 2016 he tried to take the post of rector of the RSUH. And even considered the main contender. “He (Khazin) told the RSUH that he received the Kremlin’s” welcome “to guide the university, but this is not so,” a source close to the leadership of United Russia told the media.

There was a scandal: scientists accused Khazin of attempting to bribe. Allegedly the former senator promised them high positions in exchange for support. https://life.ru/t/%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B8/184550. Support for Hazin did not receive and lost the election to Eugene Ivakhnenko. But the former senator did not suffer any special reputational damage – thanks to his connections and brilliant communicative skills, “God’s dew” did not spoil Khazin’s bright face. But Ivakhnenko held out at the post, which Hazin so desired, a little more than a year. Also has been removed for the obscure reasons. It is possible that Khazin is preparing to take another attack at the RSUH in order to make the university happy with its leadership.

Raider on trust

Hazin can attack. He was repeatedly accused of raiding the MoscowPass project (tourist maps of the international format). And the seizure of the project occurred not from outside businessmen, but from their former friends and partners Khazin. They learned about the fact that they were “former” partners only when they discovered the loss of a batch of cards from their warehouse, and money from 42 federal museums, including the Kremlin Museum, the State Historical Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, etc., and Andrei Khazin began to promote a double project , Neatly withdrawn to a new company, with all employees in addition – Russia CityPass www.russiacitypass.com – and, accordingly, with other founders. Art workers say that Hazin personally called in museums and galleries, inciting them to cooperate with a new, raider company.

Even though the famous journalist Oleg Kashin published a note about this raiding with a comment – “The Economist Khazin Stole the City” http://www.rosbalt.ru/moscow/2016/10/04/1555647.html, this episode did not stop Hazin to remain a “respected politician,” a businessman and public figure. Moreover, the former senator became a member of the commission under the President of the Russian Federation for state awards. That is, a person with a scandalous reputation, not once accused of raiding and businessly dishonesty, bribery and lies-he decides who is worthy to be noted by the state as one of its best members, who will be the “face” of the country, its pride and moral guide for others . This is not just another business project, it’s not a personal hunt for regalia, it’s a question of morality and state prestige. But Khazin, due to his ability to maneuver “between the droplets,” and then got what he wanted.


“Merchant of indulgences”

However, participation in the distribution of state awards is not so much a high honor for Khazin, as there are limitless opportunities. Thus, it is expected that another amnesty will be announced for the presidential elections in 2018. And one of the categories of criminals who can gain freedom is the holders of state awards of Russia. For example, during the amnesty of 2015, 400 thousand people were released. Amnesty is subject to conviction on a number of articles – including murder and economic crimes. To have in the arsenal such a device as the distribution of state awards is the dream of any lobbyist. What does the esteemed economist and public figure Khazin have to do with it? Given that Andrei Khazin is known as one of the serious GR-lobbyists, at one time even having a high rating. A good lobbyist will always find whose interests to protect and who to make money on.

Perhaps, that is why Khazin is a member of the commission on state awards, who is not a state employee http://kremlin.ru/acts/bank/41732. The civil servant is different from the free lobbyist, who not only receives a salary from the state, but also is forced to file a declaration of income, to deal only with one thing – service to the state. And Hazin from the time of his work in the Federation Council knows that with these declarations there is nothing but trouble. And why does the lobbyist have a state salary? As in an anecdote about a policeman who did not come to the bookkeeping department for three months: “Is there a salary paid here? And I thought you gave it a gun – and turn around as you want. ” Here Khazin and turns.

And to spin faster, the former senator collects into his collection a variety of tools. For example, in its range of levers of influence there is even the Cossacks. It would seem, what does Hazin have to do with it? But Khazin, as always, and. Now he is also a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Cossacks (http://www.kremlin.ru/acts/bank/41536). Why does the Cossacks need a lobbyist, a financier, a lawyer, an art critic, a writer, a public figure and a businessman? Really, in order to write out awards there too? And there are many of them in the arsenal of the Russian Cossacks: the Medal for Public Service, the Cross for Faith and Service of Russia and other insignia.


The Prince or the Pauper

Who is Hazin – a representative of the highest or middle class, or an official so you can not say at once. “I’m not a rich man, but secured,” he mistakes himself. On the one hand, when he was a senator, Khazin signed before the state in a very average income – 2 million rubles a year. On the other hand, Khazin likes to brag to friends that his collection of medals and orders “pulls” on 50 million dollars. Even if a senator, lobbyist and just a good combinator, Khazin bought all the items several times – even 10 times! – cheaper, it turns out $ 5 million only for the collection. In addition, collectors usually do not sit on their treasures, but carry out transactions for purchase and sale – from something get rid of, somehow replenish the bins. What should be reflected in the declaration.

Perhaps the secret is in a successful marriage. After all, in that year, when the senator showed the state income of 2 million rubles, his wife Elena Zotova earned 170 million rubles. True, friends all my life considered Zotov a housewife. There is, of course, a version that all these millions Uralsib listed to Khazin through his wife, so as not to shine in the declaration, but I do not want to believe in it.



Hunter for medals

In general, Hazin long gravitates to a variety of awards. He not only collects his own titles, but also has a large collection of historical medals, orders and other insignia. The former senator is a frequent guest of London auctions, hunting for items owned by monarchs. Judging by the active and specific business activities of Khazin (as a result of which charges are raised in raiding), he has enough money for this. But Khazin will not miss the chance to fish in muddy water here. “In most cases, I (…) was able to buy these items at a price that is significantly less than their real value, for example, because the people who sold them or exchanged did not understand what is in their reality in their hands, – Khazin boasts of the ability to “raid” collectors. I wonder how to make a person sell something that is 100 times cheaper ?.

Perhaps the best application of talents of Andrei Khazin would be psychological training in the spirit of Pavel Rakov with the title “Catch Me If You Can.” In fact, Khazin, as a naked king, marches proudly through academies and universities, art galleries and museums, courts and bureaucratic offices, shaking a blown status and a sense of self-importance. And everyone with whom he meets does not risk trusting his eyes. After all, he can not be the one whom all Moscow knows and accepts, to whom his suite applauds, who has so many medals and titles, to be naked? Or maybe?


The environment compromises

Any king (even naked) is played by retinue. And if Hazin himself skillfully holds the brand and covers “nakedness” with titles and medals, then the environment gives it out with his head.

So, in his clip is the scandalously famous Anatoly Smorgonski. Former top manager of Beeline, Yota and Tele2, nowhere in the world for a long time. As the observers say, after the short rule of the Smorgon “larvae disappear”. Now Smorgonsky – the support of Hazin in the “museum business” – it is the “lard” top manager who runs the GetPass company, which is seen in the scandal with the disappeared cards MoscowPass. And he does this, judging by reports, in the interests of the beneficiary of the whole fraud – Andrei Khazin.

Another significant person, surrounded by Khazin, Alexander Mityaev, personally implemented all the schemes that resulted in the MoscowPass cards being abducted and appeared as CityPass cards. His name and actions appear in three statements to the police, but none of them was given a move. Mityaev’s acquaintances say that this “teflon” nature of the manager is explained by Khazin’s concern for his performers. And as soon as the former senator loses interest in Mitiaev, his inviolability will evaporate.

Another person close to our hero – the chairman of the board of the bank “Russian financial society” and the president of the brokerage company Arman East Europe, Philippe Larin in 1996, was suspected of embezzling 6.6 billion rubles belonging to JSC “Mosmetrostroy.”

Assistant Hazin Maria Knysh. On professional Internet resources, the girl appears to be neither more nor less than a personal assistant to the adviser to the Head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. https://en.linkedin.com/in/mary-knysh-90897551. In this case, Knish receives a salary in a large developer company Gleden Invest. It’s the same, in the company “Gleden Invest” where Mary’s work book is, there is a branch of the Presidential Administration?

Maria, we are addressing you. Perhaps, when you were hired, you were deceived that you will work for a respected and status post. You are a nature seeker and ambitious, dreaming of a career in cinema and on the podium https://www.acmodasi.ru/a_292555.html, https://www.vsekastingi.ru/user/2805/, it is obvious that you want to have a clean professional biography. But not everyone can get out of the water. It is necessary to have the talent of Andrei Khazin to go out of the water and maintain a reputation in the most compromising situations. The rest of these connections can be dragged to the bottom.

However, not only the controversial figures are connected with the name of Andrei Khazin, there is also the brother of the former senator, the famous economist Mikhail Khazin. A person with respect, with a transparent career and convictions. It’s only said that the brothers have not maintained any relations for a long time. According to rumors, the reason for the lawsuit, which Andrei Khazin filed to his brother in the disputed issue of the apartment.

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