The trace of Anatoly Smorgonsky in the “museum business”

The trace of Anatoliy Smorgonskiy in the “museum business”


In the scandalous “museum” case, a new figurant appeared. The former top manager of Beeline, Yota and Tele2 Anatoliy Smorgonskiy, the current director of IoT operator StarNet (and now the National Center for the Internet of Things). was involved in the history of the disappearance of museum maps from the company Moscow Pass.

“Museum Scandal”

This history has been shaking the respectable circle of capital’s galleries, museums and exhibition complexes for more than a year. It all started with a simple business idea – to issue a single card for visiting the main Moscow attractions. The company “Wow T” created the Moscow Pass, concluded contracts with key cultural sites and unexpectedly found that the circulation of museum maps was simply stolen from their warehouse. And counterfeit letters were sent out to partner museums that the Moscow Pass voluntarily assigns its rights to none of Vector LLC, which later turned into a OOO CityPass

The public scandal was at a press conference at the State Tretyakov Gallery. In the presence of Zelfira Tregulova, gallery director, Russia CityPass, Alexander Mityaev presented tourist museum maps. Which were identified by the former owners as their disappeared property, redone to a new name.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that a famous politician and economist, former senator Andrey Khazin, was present at the press conference. It was he who had to suffer from the theft of the Moscow Pass cards, because he was one of the three founders of the company “Wow T”, who started this project.

But Khazin was not among the victims, but among the beneficiaries. He strongly supported the new owners of museum maps, openly opposing former partners.

Moreover, Khazin filed a lawsuit against his former partners in the Moscow Arbitration Court, and lost it. During this confrontation, the surname of another person surfaced, whose involvement was seen in the forgery of the “Wow T” documents. A number of other companies BigData LLC and System Solution LLC filed independent claims against such forged documents, pointing to Anatoliy Smorgonskiy.

 Khazin and Smorgonskiy – partners to get business

Anatoly Smorgonskiy – a famous person in the world of telecommunications. The former top manager of Beeline, Yota and Tele2 looks no less respectable than former senator Andrey Khazin. And the interests of two prominent businessmen turned out to be similar.

In 2015 Anatoly Smorgonskiy, apparently, at the invitation of Khazin, conducted an audit in the company “Wow T”.

“Smorgonskiy was repeatedly in the office and offered to sell him personally the Moscow Pass. He wanted to make a company that will sell tourist SIM cards through this project, because the Moscow Pass gave a great way out to tourists. But he was refused”, witnesses say.

Smorgonskiy, being at that time the general director of Yota, attracted his main contractor and close partner Olga Titova, as well as financial director of Yota Denis Gladkov to audit and purchase this asset for himself. But the circuit did not work. It’s unclear how Yota’s CEO could have created a cartel with Yota financial director Denis Gladkov and Yota’s main contractor, Olga Titova. And why the security service Yota did not know about this apparent violation of anti-corruption policy. We enclose a copy of their correspondence.

After that, “Wow T” unexpectedly lost 1000 cards for the amount of 3 000 0000 rubles. And most importantly, Moscow Pass partners using false letters were intercepted by an unknown LLC Vector.

They say that in parallel the similar operation is carried out with the assets of GetWiFi, Big Data and StarNet companies.

By the time of the abduction of MoscowPass

Anatoliy Smorgonskiy has already created OOO GetPass. It is assumed that Vector LLC, which had museum cards at its disposal, was later to be sold to GetPass. That is, museum maps and the whole project would have settled in the hands of the enterprising economist Smorgonskiy.

However, not only in his hands. As it turned out, the beneficiary of GetPass is Andrey Khazin, himself “victim” of the theft in the Moscow Pass.

In other words, the co-owner of Moscow Pass Khazin, in partnership with Smorgon, cleared the asset of other legitimate co-owners and tried to legalize it through a “bona fide buyer” – GetPass. But something went wrong, Hazin was publicly accused of complicity in fraud, a number of museums refused to cooperate with Russia CityPass and Vector LLC.

StarNet – “The National Center for the Internet of Things” awaits the fate of the Moscow Pass

Meanwhile, Anatoliy Smorgonskiy is not idle. A man with a very busy biography, he always turns out to be a top manager. True, not for long and not efficiently, but so far this does not prevent the economist from implementing all new raider plans.


38-year-oldAnatoliy Smorgonskiy from Voronezh managed to work in the marketing directorate of VimpelCom and was responsible for the development of digital television “Beeline”.

However, the familiar economists say that his career success was associated with the patronage of the executive vice president of VimpelCom Natalia Chumachenko. His own significant successes the economist has not shown. Shortly after Chumachenko’s dismissal, Smorgonskiy himself left the company. But did not lose, and eventually headed the company Yota. What is noteworthy, Smorgonskiy again emerges as a figurant of an investigation into the theft of the hotel’s stock of Beeline (VimpelCom).

However, the general director in Yota Smorgonsky worked only a year, as a result of which the contract with the manager was not extended. At the next post – director for the development of the segment of virtual operators of the company “T2 RTK Holding” (a joint venture of Rostelecom and Russian Tele2) – Smorgonskiy lasted even less, three and a half months. Apparently, it was during the unstable work in Yota and Tele-2 that Smorgonskiy thought about his own “safety cushion” and tried to fill it with such assets as Moscow Pass, GetVayFay, Big Date and StarNet.

From StarNet after the arrival of Anatoliy Smorgonsky, according to the old method, its leaders were immediately ousted. Now, according to our sources, they are also suing Smorgonskiy, trying to defend their rights.

In the meantime, StarNet itself is either alive or not. It is reported that the company invested about $ 1 million in the company’s creation. The company creates a network in Russia based on the LoRaWAN protocol, as well as the entire infrastructure: base stations and their components, subscriber devices, software.

After filing multiple lawsuits against StarNet, Anatoliy Smorgonskiy decided to rebrand and start a corporate career from scratch. To this end, in September of this year Smorgonskiy began turning StarNet (Star No LLC) into the National Center for the Internet of Things LLC. I wonder how long the new company will be able to hold out with a clean reputation.

Given the unsuccessful experience of Anatoliy Smorgonskiy with his endeavors, we can expect that StarNet (and now the “National Center for the Internet of Things”), like Russia CityPass cards, hang between former and new owners, burdened by suits.




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