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The financier is sure that he will break even this time.


The incident
Banker suspected of fraud
Room 074 from 30-04-96
Band 015

OEP Northern Administrative District of Moscow on fraud initiated a criminal case against the chairman of the board of the bank “Russian Financial Society” and the president of the brokerage company Arman East Europe Philip Larin. He is suspected of embezzling 6.6 billion rubles belonging to Mosmetrostroy. Larin himself does not deny that he owes “Mosmetrostroy.” He confidently told the correspondent of Kommersant to Leonid Berezovsky: “I was already interested in RUOP, the tax police, the FSB – and nothing, still alive … I’ll be beaten up now.”

To begin with, we explain that the reason for instituting a criminal case was the statement of the state joint-stock company “Mosmetrostroy”, to which Arman East Europe owed about 6.6 billion rubles. Lawyers of “Mosmetrostroy” told that in October 1995, between their structure and Arman, a commission agreement was concluded: the brokerage office for the commission had to realize the promissory notes of the bank “Menatep” for 76.8 billion rubles belonging to the joint-stock company. However, by November 20 (the date of the termination of the contract), Larin did not return part of the money. Attempts to find the debtor did not succeed, and Mosmetrostroy applied to the police. The OEP of the Northern District initiated a criminal case.

I was lucky more than the “Mosmetrostroy”: Philip Larin managed to track down quickly. I called the bank “Russian Financial Society”, told the secretary about my problems and the very next day I went to a meeting.

At the entrance to the bank, I drew attention to a large poster by Alla Pugacheva with the advertising stamp “Russian Financial Society”. The guard, noticing my surprise, explained: “This is our chief accountant, a big fan of this singer – by the way, look here” – and pointed to the playbill of the Sovremennik Theater, announcing the premiere of the play “Karamazov and Hell”: “We also sponsor them “.

Larin accepted me kindly. He told a little about himself: since 1992 he worked in the investment management of Albim Bank, in 1994 he headed the bank “Russian Financial Society”. Along the way, he organized the brokerage office of Arman East Europe.

Philip Larin’s dream is to create a real financial empire. “That’s why we worked mainly with the shares of oil companies and state short-term bonds.” MMM “is not for serious people.” But so far he is not very good at it. For example, in September 1995, his company Arman East Europe strongly burned with shares of Yuganskneftegaz.

In the summer of 1995, Yuganskneftegaz handed over nearly a million of its shares to the management of the company, and Larin came up with a scheme on how to make money for them. At first the company sold a large package of securities at auction very cheaply and hoped, thanks to a large offer, to lower their market rate, and then again to buy back. However, the price of shares at the auction was lower than in the market. Therefore, fulfilling the obligations to return the shares of Yuganskneftegaz, Arman bought them at a disadvantageous price. It is rumored that the alleged 6.6 billion rubles, which Larin owed to “Mosmetrostroi”, left for this.

Larin also had other troubles. In May 1995, a Nigerian company sent a fax to Arman East Europe and asked for help with cashing several million dollars. They promised big commissions. Larin’s servicemen gave the Nigerians $ 15,000 for promotion. After that, nobody saw Nigerians. In addition, Larin to several billion summed up his partner Mikhail Mitchenkov, the former head of the investment company Ruta. Accounts of his company disappeared in a bankrupt Dealer-bank.

“But I’ve never applied to anyone,” Larin says, “Now everyone owes each other, business is business.” From his debts to “Mosmetrostroy” he does not refuse: “I’ll pay when I can.” Larin still wonder why Mosmetrostroy wrote a statement to him.

However, the operatives of the Northern Territory OEP did not at all embarrass this fact. At them I have found out, that complaints to Larin arrive to them any more the first time. Their essence boils down to the fact that Larin took a loan on the security of shares, and then artificially understated their value in the stock market. But there is no corpus delicti in this operation. The possibility of bringing Larin to criminal liability for the first time appeared only after the appeal of “Mosmetrostroi”, for which law enforcement bodies seized.

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The incident
Banker suspected of fraud
Room 074 from 30-04-96
Band 015

The banker could not pay off the client and he decided to plant him

In Moscow, for the first time, a criminal case was instituted on the 177th article of the Criminal Code – “malicious evasion of payment of accounts payable.” The crime is suspected by the chairman of the board of the bank “Russian financial society”, president of the brokerage company Arman East Europe Philip Larin. Activity of the banker is now investigating the department of internal affairs of the municipal district “Maryina Roshcha”. At the direction of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolesnikov, cases of this category have now been transferred from the UEP to the territorial units of the public security police. With details, special correspondent of Kommersant-Daily ALEXANDER-SEMENOV.

Law enforcement authorities became interested in Philip Larin in the spring of 1996. Then he was suspected of stealing 6.6 billion rubles from the state joint-stock company Mosmetrostroy. With this JSC brokerage company

Larina Arman East Europe signed a commission agreement, taking commission fees to sell the promissory notes of the Bank MENATEP that belonged to Mosmetrostroi to 76.8 billion rubles. By the appointed time, Larin could not return a part of the money, and the partners wrote a statement to him to the police.

The OEP of the Northern District Internal Affairs Directorate initiated a fraud case against Larin, but several months later it was terminated “for lack of corpus delicti.” Larin himself believes that the militia did not need to interfere in his affairs with the “Mosmetrostroy”. “This is a purely civil and legal relations, and collection of debts should be handled by the courts,” the banker said. He also claims that after the termination of the case he managed to settle the conflict with the AO: an agreement was reached between them that Larin would return all the money before the year 2000. So far, however, he has not paid anything out of the debt to Mosmetrostroi. And most likely will not pay – back in late 1995, the bank “Russian Financial Society” and Arman almost went bankrupt.

The reason for the collapse was the deal with Yuganskneftegaz. This enterprise has transferred in due time Arman in management about one million of actions. Larin came up with a risky scheme that could make good money on securities, but eventually his plan fell through.

From the failure to recover and failed, and as a result, first closed the brokerage office, and soon the bank remained only on paper – the Central Bank of Russia revoked his license.

Larin, who dreamed of creating a financial empire at the beginning of his career, calmly assesses the collapse of his plans: “In 1994-1995, we were one of the first companies to work in the stock market.” It seems to me that at that time we were even one of the largest operators on the securities market of oil companies.However, we overestimated our strength … ”

Be that as it may, but after the crash there were customers with whom it was necessary to pay. One of them, Vobas LLP, Larin owed the balance on the current account – 800 million rubles. The client appealed to the court and received a writ of execution on recovery of a billion rubles (debt taking into account penalties). The bank failed to execute the judgment, because he had no money in the account.

Then the management of the LLP decided to describe the property of the debtor and appealed to the judicial executor. According to some reports, the performer came to describe the property on time – the bank was going to leave the occupied premises. True, the property was not enough – furniture and office equipment, only 24.7 million rubles. After that, “Vobas”, never having returned his money, decided to imprison the debtor.

Following the example of “Mosmetrostroy,” the heads of Vobas LLP wrote a statement to the OEP. But he did not consider it there, referring to the instruction of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kolesnikov, according to which a number of articles of the Criminal Code, which were in charge of the UEP and the departments for economic crimes, are transferred to the territorial ATS.

In their number entered and art. 177 of the Criminal Code – malicious evasion of repayment of large accounts payable, providing for punishment of up to two years imprisonment. Thus, the application for Larin OEP was forwarded to the OVD of the municipal district “Maryina Roshcha”. District militiamen went to meet the applicant and opened the first criminal case in Moscow against the “malicious” debtor.

By the way, earlier the employees of the OEPs tried not to get involved in such conflicts. Lawyers explain this by the fact that police know little about financial transactions. If the militia was connected to the disassembly between the creditor and the debtor, this often resulted in the detention of the debtor for 30 days under the President’s decree on combating banditry. Among themselves, the operatives called it “take a hostage.” After spending several days in prison, he usually began to repay debts.

The presidential decree is now canceled. Therefore, to detain Larin police did not. He was summoned only once for questioning to the police department. “What’s the point of initiating a criminal case?” Larin wondered. “Even if I have to spend two years, Vobas will not add money from this, and in general this LLP behaves strangely.” They did not seek me, they did not try to negotiate any negotiations Although I’m not on the run, as you can see, and I can be found if I want. “It seems to me that there is no” malicious evasion “in my actions, I simply owe money. By the way, I can not return them now, at all desire. When they described the property of the bank, they took out the safes without even opening them, and I was left without th document. Therefore, I do not know who and how much and who should owe me. ”

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