Andrey Khazin and “OOO Vector”

Andrey Khazin owns a 47.5% stake in “VautT Ltd.”

Dear partners and customers!

Any goods and services distributed under the Moscow Pass and Piter Pass brand are the property of VauT LLC. In the event that they are distributed by third parties, it may be a stolen product (at the beginning of the year a large batch of passes and guidebooks disappeared from the warehouse of LLC VauT) or about violation of exclusive rights to trademarks owned by our company.

Recently, we became aware of the facts of mass mailing on behalf of the Company of letters with the Agreement on the transfer of funds and the transfer of the rights and obligations of the Company under contracts with museums and other persons in favor of the Vector Limited Liability Company. These letters are sent on behalf of the General Director of the Company, as well as signed by persons whose powers of attorney have been withdrawn by the Company since January 2016.
We hereby inform you that the Company did not conclude contracts and agreements on the assignment of its rights and obligations with Vector LLC or with any third parties, letters of this nature were not signed by the General Director and other heads of the Company. At present, the Company submits an application to the preliminary investigation authorities for fraudulent activities and theft of the Company’s property.
In view of the foregoing, please, in case of receipt of such appeals, please contact our representative Sergey E. Kourakov by phone +7 495 644 0393 or e-mail :

Prior to the resolution of the above situation, we are forced to suspend the work of the project. It will be restarted as soon as possible.

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