Andrei Khazin tried to pressure the Academic Council of the Russian State University for the Humanities

According to the candidate for the post of rector of the RSUH Grigory Lansky, his opponent promised bribes to those who support him in the elections.

A scandal erupted around the pre-election campaign for the post of rector of one of the oldest educational institutions of the country, the Russian State Humanitarian University, in which the most media candidates were involved. So, the Academic Council, which will make a decision, complained of pressure from the professor, academician and ex-Senator Andrei Khazin. As Grigory Lanskoy, dean of the Department of Documentology and Technotronic Archives of the Russian State University for the Humanities, told in an interview with RSN, the promising candidate promised promotion to those council members who will vote for him in the elections.

– He did not offer a bribe. In this case, we are talking about proposals of a business nature, “the scientist explained in an interview with the” Russian News Service. ” – Proposals related to the employment of a higher post. It seems to me that this is not very correct.

However, a certain excitement that arose due to the figure of Khazin in the context of the election campaign, in the RSUH itself is explained by a lack of confidence in him personally and to the program that he introduced to his colleagues.

“It seems to me that this is a new man, quite unknown, and the unknown always causes a certain fuss,” Lanskoy said. – His program does not contain specific proposals for the development of the Historical Archival Institute, the Institute of Economics and Law. As it seemed to me from my conversations, Andrei Leonidovich assumes that the team that has already either agreed or will work with it, with knowledge of the matter, implements something on the ground. I’m not very close to the type of leader who comes and can not say what will be in one or another unit.

According to Lansky, the employees who supported Khazin have not a very good reputation in the university environment.

– For example, the head of the regional educational programs Arsenyan, who actively supports Andrei Leonidovich, has a very dubious reputation in the university, including the events of 2012 – 2013. People would not want a repetition. Plus, everyone knows the history of the first arrival of a businessman in a university. I do not compare Leonid Nevzlin with Andrei Leonidovich, the figures are completely different, but people are afraid of repeating what happened in 2002, the candidate said.

To reduce the risks of pressure on the members of the Academic Council, the RSUH decided that the meeting, which will determine the fate of the rector’s chair, will go online, except for the procedure of secret voting.
Recall, the election of the new rector of the RSUH will be held in mid-February. After the Academic Council determines the candidate, the Minobarunuki will approve it. However, the current rector Yefim Pivovar, who has held this post since 2006, will not be able to take part in the elections due to age restrictions.

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