Andrey Khazin and Alexander Mityaev

The launch of the CityPass museum card was marred by a scandal

The company, which is going to issue museum cards in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is accused of theft and fraud

In the State Tretyakov Gallery on Monday there was a presentation of tourist maps of the international format of the Russian CityPass. Such cards exist in Amsterdam, New York, Paris and other popular cities in Europe and America. Having paid once for the card a fixed amount, you can wholesale access to a lot of museums and other attractions, buying tickets to which individually will cost more. In Moscow, among the partners of the company were named all major metropolitan museums, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Darwin Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center.

Director of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelphira Tregulova said at a press conference that the format of the maps, familiar to foreign tourists, will help attract more foreign visitors to the museum, which now make up only 10% of visitors.

However, already at a press conference it became clear that the company CityPass was involved in a dispute between two legal entities, and, apparently, the introduction of tourist maps is postponed again.

The website of the company Russia CityPass says that CityPass is the “first tourist map of Moscow and St. Petersburg”, which arose in 2012. However, until recently, the current head of the company, Alexander Mityaev, worked in an organization called Moscow Pass, registered at the “Vau T” LLC, which was doing the same thing – preparing the launch of international tourist maps in Russia.

Alexander Mityaev in a conversation with TANR said that “with the company” Wow T “in the labor relations was not”: “I consulted them for three months”. According to TANR executive director of “Vau T” Sergey Kurakov, “project manager Alexander Mityaev resigned from the company in January this year for family reasons, taking with him all the partners of the company” Wow T “. “Unfortunately, Alexander Mityaev was not really legally registered with us,” he said, “however he managed the project and was introduced to partners exactly as our employee. In addition, the entire team that went with him, was registered in the state with us. ”

Representatives of OOO “Vau T” on May 24 filed an application for theft and fraud. The company claims that the attackers used fake documents to convince museum representatives that Russia CityPass is the assignee of the Moscow Pass. “In letters our company passes the rights to no one LLC Vector, which we have never heard of anywhere. Someone forged the signature and deceived the idea of ​​issuing tourist maps. And when we came to, it turned out that 1 thousand cards worth 3 million rubles were missing from the warehouse, “said Sergey Kurakov.

In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities can be found several thousand organizations with the name OOO Vector. In the company, Russia CityPass refused to provide the details of this organization, citing confidentiality. At the same time, LLC “Vau T” is easy to find on the website of the tax service. It was established on February 9, 2012, and among its three founders as of October 5, 2016 – Andrei Khazin, public figure, professor of the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tretyakov Gallery. At a press conference at the museum, Andrei Khazin said that representatives of the “Wow T”, among whom its co-founders, “impostors”, and supported the new company Russia CityPass.

“I was the first person who expressed the idea of ​​creating such maps in Russia,” Khazin said in a conversation with TANR. – The company “Wow T” really had a similar project, but he died. Later, no meetings were scheduled, the people who are trying to represent the company today were not appointed legally. I learn about her actions from you and now I will do it. ” He noted that he has nothing to do with CityPass brand, but I am glad that the project is successful: “I do not understand why I should be jealous. Apparently [the competitors] are preparing a new product, and the one that has already won the market, is trying to discredit. There have been many attempts to create such maps before and after. Let all the flowers bloom! ”

Attempts to introduce tourist maps in Moscow offering a single ticket to the main cultural sites were indeed undertaken more than once, but only this year the idea was so close to the incarnation. However, due to the scandal surrounding the CityPass brand, the timing of the project seems to be again under question.

The Tretyakov Gallery and the Moscow Kremlin Museums, included in the CityPass tour, have so far refused to comment on the situation. The press service of the Darwin Museum said: “We have an agreement with the Moscow Pass, and we support cooperation. The idea of ​​such cards has long been discussed in the Department of Tourism. It would be better if there was a single card, and its publisher worked centrally with all the museums. ” The State Gallery on Solyanka will not continue to cooperate. “Despite the convenience of such cards, our reputation is more valuable to us. We cooperated with the Moscow Pass, the press service informed. “Recently, representatives of the company allegedly phoned us to pick up their equipment. After saying that they can do this only in the presence of people who signed the treaty, they retired. After that, we do not want to cooperate with any representatives of such a product. ”

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