Anatoly Smorgonsky (OOO GetPass) will become an investor of Andrey Khazin (Vector LLC)

Why are the projects of the “effective” top manager in the sphere of communications of Anatoliy Smorgonskiy skidded?

Appointment in July of the director of StarNet partner relations of Vedomosti newspaper’s editor Oleg Salmanov, judging by the fact, did not help the company, founded a year ago by a native of the telecom industry Anatoly Smorgonsky. In addition to loud statements that StarNet “is consistently strengthening its position in the Russian market … which creates favorable conditions for the development of partnerships with the main players of the international telecom market,” nothing is known about the company. Even her press office is not able to tell clearly about the development of StarNet projects.

According to Smorgonskiy, about $ 1 million is invested in the creation of StarNet. The company creates a network in Russia based on the LoRaWAN protocol, as well as the entire infrastructure: base stations and their components, subscriber devices, software. In an interview with Vedomosti, Anatoly Smorgonskiy claimed that the company developed the world’s first device operating in two bands – 433 and 868.7 MHz. “The company produces base stations in Perm, and they are several times cheaper than similar French ones from Kerlink: 600 euros against 3400 euros,” he said.

However, it is almost impossible to find more detailed information about the company. Under the name “StarNet” in the network, you can find a local Moscow Internet operator and a large telecommunications company in Moldova. Own site of Smorgonsky company is in the network with difficulty and consists of one page  with a list of five services.

As the leading international projects the company manages without developed communications can only guess. But their leading role in business Smorgon can not fail to understand: he himself made a career, primarily in marketing, responsible for the development of such famous brands as Bileyn, Yota and Tele2, and stressed the need for telecommunication companies to develop marketing communications in one of the of their interviews.

True, he did not stay in one place for a long time and, as noted in the media, did not achieve outstanding success.

“Why so quickly?” – asked observers when the company “Scartel” (brand Yota) after a year of work did not extend the contract with Anatoly Smorgonsky to the post of general director. But they would have known that the next position – the director for the development of the segment of virtual operators of the company “T2 RTK Holding” (a joint venture of Rostelecom and Russian Tele2) would have to leave him even more quickly – almost three months after taking the job.

It should be noted that the observers are rather skeptical about the managerial and professional abilities of the “Voronezh financier-radiophysics”, noting that he “never stops for a long time”, and then “the lollies disappear”.

Smorgonskiy was making quite a successful career in VimpelCom

However, from 2009 to 2013 Smorgonskiy made a rather successful career in Vimpelcom, where he was the marketing director of the Moscow region Beeline. But then suddenly moved to the executive director at OJSC Rostelecom. It was noted that Smorgonskiy was probably forced to leave VimpelCom, where his career developed so successfully, because the company did not care about the cases in Moscow and the Moscow region for which he was responsible.

A temporary attendant to the Smorgon career success, the rancor explained the help of Natalia Chumachenko, then VimpelCom’s executive vice president for business development in the mass market. And indeed, in June 2012 Chumachenko goes to another kolmpnia, and in just six months Vympelkom leaves and apparently left without a cover from his wife’s friend Smorgonsky.

And since then he has, indeed, never stayed anywhere long. After working for six months at Rostelecom, he moves to Scartel, but a year later he is forgiven. Smirgoński, who served as Scartel’s general director, Mikhail Dubin, told me that Megafon (who owned 100% of Skartel’s shares) ) is pleased with the company’s business results achieved under the leadership of Anatoly. However, as Vedomosti wrote, in fact, the shareholders seem to have been dissatisfied with the work of Smorgonsky: before him was the task of making the fourth operator from Scartel,  but this failed.

In Tele2 with Smorgonskiy broke up even faster. Here he was to launch the virtual operators “Tinkoff Bank” and “Sberbank”, for which Smorgonsky also developed an MVNO strategy. It is noteworthy that in the company itself they refused to comment on why the manager worked for them for less than six months. Vedomosti, referring to its own sources in Tele2, then explained the departure of Smorgonskiy by reducing the company’s budgets for development and new projects. Probably, only the salary of a highly efficient manager has fallen under the cut, as literally six months later Sberbank confirmed its intention to create its own виртуального оператора связи, on the basis of Tele2 , which it launched this year.

Since then, the main project of Anatoliy Smorgonskiy was StarNetAlliance, whose connections with the partners are now to be carried out by the former editor of the department of “Technology and Telecommunications” newspaper “Vedomosti” Oleg Salmanov. At the same time it is impossible to learn anything about this core business of Smorgonskiy even from his own press service, and the observers commented on the appointment of Salmanov with statements – “they can be very bad”. But there is a suspicion that Oleg will have a difficult job, since not all these links, apparently, can be called friendly.

Smorgonsky is the director of another little-known LLC – GetPass

the beneficiary of which, apparently, is the scandalously famous former senator Andrei Khazin, who was noted in the scandal just in the raid seizure of the Moscowpass. Also Smorgonskiy is a beneficiary of Getwifi and Big Date Technology companies, which are also the objects of many civil suits and several criminal claims from former partners, like StarNetAlliance. Smorgnouskiy’s interests in these matters are represented by his partner, the legal adviser, a participant of the above-listed companies and co-founder of the well-known company KSK, Albert Yusufov.

Experts say that when hiring people such as Smorgonskiy, employers often look at high posts in the resume rather than on real results. But, apparently, the serious companies of Smorgonskiy already know well and the resume does not help, so that he was called upon to master the budgets of Usmanov or Magomedov. Apparently, I had to contact people who use Smorgonskiy’s basic skills in launching new projects in the telecommunications sector and developing significant investments and marketing budgets to absorb startups and money allocated for them. The problem of the Voronezh financier is perhaps only that all the companies were not received in a transparent way, all the funds go to offshore, which belong to his partners, and he himself can be in the position of the Zits chairman of the Pound from the “golden calf” who all answered.



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