Academician Khazin lost the lawsuit against friends and tax

On Monday, January 23, 2017, our company Vaut (Moscow Pass, Moscow City Pass) won the case at the Moscow Arbitration Court on the suit of one of its founders, a member of the Supreme Council of the United States of America Andrei Khazin.

In the autumn of 2016 Khazin unexpectedly stated that our company was “represented by impostors” and filed a lawsuit against our company, 46 Tax and its partners, co-founders about the cancellation of the decision, in which he himself participated. The day before yesterday, the court completely denied Khazin (, without accepting any of his arguments (rather strange and unrelated to reality).

We link the unexpected claim of Andrei Leonidovich to the events of 2016 ( and the work of the management of the company VauT.

Recall that the executive director of VauT from last year is engaged in investigating the theft of goods under the Moscow Pass brand, and fraudulent transfer of money and assets of LLC “VauT” to another legal entity with which neither “VauT” nor most other founders (except Khazin himself) not connected. On the facts of theft and fraud on May 25, 2016 an application was filed with the police. The criminal case, however, unfortunately, still remains without movement for reasons unknown to us. We suspect that someone is putting pressure on the investigation to ensure that the case has not been given a proper move.

We believe that Andrei Khazin tried to question the legality of our work to investigate these crimes with his lawsuit.

The reasons for this behavior of our founder are unknown to us, and we still invite him to a dialogue. So, on January 16 an extraordinary meeting of the participants of the VauT LLC took place, to which Andrei Leonidovich, unfortunately, did not show up.

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