“The Naked King” Andrey Khazin

“The Naked King” Andrey Khazin Scandalously known ex-senator Andrei Khazin can again claim the post of rector of the RSUH. Two years ago Khazin, with a bang and accusations of bribery, lost the election of the rector of one of the most famous universities in Russia. However, the winner Yevgeny Ivakhnenko held out for a […]

The trace of Anatoly Smorgonsky in the “museum business”

The trace of Anatoliy Smorgonskiy in the “museum business”   In the scandalous “museum” case, a new figurant appeared. The former top manager of Beeline, Yota and Tele2 Anatoliy Smorgonskiy, the current director of IoT operator StarNet (and now the National Center for the Internet of Things). was involved in the history of the disappearance […]

Academician Khazin lost the lawsuit against friends and tax

On Monday, January 23, 2017, our company Vaut (Moscow Pass, Moscow City Pass) won the case at the Moscow Arbitration Court on the suit of one of its founders, a member of the Supreme Council of the United States of America Andrei Khazin. In the autumn of 2016 Khazin unexpectedly stated that our company was […]

Philippe Larin is a partner of Andrey Khazin

The financier is sure that he will break even this time.   The incident Banker suspected of fraud Room 074 from 30-04-96 Band 015 OEP Northern Administrative District of Moscow on fraud initiated a criminal case against the chairman of the board of the bank “Russian Financial Society” and the president of the brokerage company […]

Andrey Khazin and Alexander Mityaev

The launch of the CityPass museum card was marred by a scandal The company, which is going to issue museum cards in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is accused of theft and fraud In the State Tretyakov Gallery on Monday there was a presentation of tourist maps of the international format of the Russian CityPass. Such […]

Andrei Khazin: A businessman from the “culture”.

Senator, lobbyist and hero of the scandalous chronicle Andrei Khazin can replace Vladimir Medinsky as Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. At least, Hazin himself seems to be actively preparing the ground for his new appointment. Andrei Khazin was twice elected a member of the Federation Council. True, from different areas, which is not […]

Andrey Khazin and “OOO Vector”

Andrey Khazin owns a 47.5% stake in “VautT Ltd.” Dear partners and customers! Any goods and services distributed under the Moscow Pass and Piter Pass brand are the property of VauT LLC. In the event that they are distributed by third parties, it may be a stolen product (at the beginning of the year a […]